1. Does Mad Cookbook own my recipe after I upload or store them on the website?

No, your recipe is your recipe. Mad Cookbook does not claim any ownership of any recipe uploaded by the community. Visit our Terms of Service for more details.

2. Will Mad Cookbook sell my personal information?

No, your information will never be sold. We ask for that information so that we have a better understanding of your preferences and use that to improve our marketing. Visit our Privacy Policy for more details.

3. Who’s that funny looking character with the chef’s hat that’s on your icon on the website and other social media pages?

That’s Mad Andy! Our official/unofficial icon/spokesperson. The creator of this community is Andres, who just so happens to be a Gemini… which may explain the alter ego.

4. Can I advertise or monetize off of my Mad Cookbook account?

Absolutely! Here are a few different ways but if you think of something new, as long as it’s legal and ethical, go for it!

  • Advertise on your recipes. If you have a cookbook, blog, website or social media page of your own, we encourage you to include that information. Alternatively, you can also include that information on your Profile page.
  • On the recipe page you will notice a Recipe Notes text box. It’s a Dynamic Text Box, which allows you to enter html in which you can include links to videos, web pages and even AFFILIATE LINKS! Lets say your recipe requires a food processor or another piece of equipment –you include that information there.
  • Lastly, sponsored ingredients. You can add brand specific information to the ingredients as well.
  • *DISCLAIMER. Mad Cookbook is not responsible nor involved in any agreement you the user may make with any third party. Nor does Mad Cook promise any time of compensation or reward from using this service.

5. If the recipe doesn’t belong to me, should I include the information of the author or where I got it from?

Yes, we strongly encourage it.

6. Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you are not committed to stay with us at all. On your Membership Account page you will find a Cancel button. Regarding Premium, we are not able to offer refunds but we do offer the 1st Month Free so you can try out the Premium Membership and see if you like before you actually begin paying for it.

This list will continue to grow over time. Please feel free to check back later for more FAQ’s.