About Mad Cookbook

Our purpose is to provide you with quick and easy access to the most diverse, inclusive and incredible recipe library imaginable. To build the world’s largest, craziest, most diverse cookbook ever, we created a community where people who are Madly passionate about food, cooking and nutrition can share their most cherished recipes, thus forming Mad Cookbook – the greatest web based cookbook ever because it’s the result of a world-wide collaboration.

Mad Cookbook is an ever-evolving resource. Everyday more and more recipes are added by people like you. Imagine a grandmother’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies, a recipe that’s been in her family for generations –now at your fingertips! Maybe a French chef decided to share his infamous recipe for the perfect crepe –now instantly available to you who may on the opposite side of the world. Everyday you are given more and more opportunities to experience an essential part of life by someone willing to share it, and this is what we’ve set out to accomplish here.

Mad Cookbook isn’t just a recipe-sharing website, it’s a community consisting of resources and groups aimed at supporting your needs. Mad Cookbook has a plethora of forums and groups with a wide range of categories such as Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian and more. Don’t see one that fits your needs? Create it! and then invite others to join it. This idea came from my own nutritional journey (which you can read about below in the “About Me”).

We have many goals for Mad Cookbook but one major one is to be able to reach the corners of the earth by making this site available in multiple languages as well as reaching 10,000 recipes by the end of 2019.

About Me

I’ve been in Food and Beverage for over 20 years. I’ve had the pleasure of being a Cook, Chef and even Regional Director at some of the most amazing locations throughout the United States. I’ve had the privilege of experiencing this life in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, and most recently K12 schools and Retirement Communities. Fortunately for me, this experience would help prepare me for one of the most scariest moments in my life.

In the summer of 2011, I went to see my doctor for a routine check up. He then requested some blood work that required me to make additional visits. I was 27 at the time but my doctor said I had the health of a 60 year old man and I probably wouldn’t make it to 40 the way I was trending. He immediately wanted to put me on several different medications for my cholesterol, blood pressure, fatty liver and several other things. Problem was, I was going through a divorce and was completely broke and these medications were going to cost several hundred dollars per month!

I flat out told him I couldn’t afford them and then said “believe it or not, nutrition is my area of expertise! Give me 3 months to correct this and if I don’t come back with some improvement then I’ll take any drugs you want”. The doctor agreed. I’m not an expert -the farthest thing from it, but the medications were not an option I could afford. I immediately made changes to ‘how’ I ate (versus what I ate). In July of 2011, I weighed approximately 285 lbs. By early October, I had dropped down to 260 lbs.

I went in for my follow up with the doctor and he couldn’t believe it. He was astonished and ended up asking me more questions like “what did I do? is it difficult? do I feel like I’m sacrificing?” I changed how I ate and I feel great and I plan on continuing was my response. I continued for another 3 months and lost another 30 lbs bringing me to 230 lbs. Now 55 lbs lighter and I had more energy than ever! At this point I started to incorporate exercise (correct, I hadn’t done any exercise up until this point). Eventually, by Fall of 2012 I got down to my ideal weight of 170 lbs.

I think about this journey and how it has transformed my life and how others who struggle could go through it. I think about what could have made it easier and 2 things jump out. 

  1. I could’ve used more resources. For the majority of my journey I stuck to the same 10 recipes, not for lack of creativity but because I knew they worked, but I definitely could’ve used more variety, a larger recipe library.
  2. I could’ve used a support base. A group or forum to ask questions to, to vent to, to bounce ideas off of, to say “I need help!”

These two reasons are the main purpose for the creation of this website. People have different needs at different points in their lives and my hope is that Mad Cookbook is able to meet those needs, whether they have health goals or not, whether they’re looking to spice up their life or simply just need to make dinner tonight. Please check out the Mad Cookbook blog where I go into detail about my journey back then and today. There will also be others sharing their stories on the Mad Cookbook blog, their tips and tricks as well. Enjoy the site! This community was built for you so if you have any feedback, please feel free to send it my way.

-Andres Montoya

Before and After